"Trick" is in the name



Sir Pat-Trick has been turning heads with his award winning stage act. With numerous awards under his belt it is no wonder he has become a seasoned professional, even allowing him to receive two standing ovations at The Orleans Casino in Las Vegas and being asked to perform at The World Famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles California. Also Sir Pat-Trick has been featured in 2 editions of Magic Magazine, a worldwide publication for Magicians. His background in theater has enhanced his career in stage production and performances. He is a proud member of the Society of American Magicians, the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Magician Alliance of Eastern States, and the Covington Royal Academy of Prestidigitation. He combines different theatrical disciplines such as comedy, slap-stick, audience participation, storytelling with traditional magic that will guarantee to make any show a memorable one and his charming style will surely put a smile on your face!


- International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 71 Close-up Magician of the Year (2011)
- Society Of American Magicians Assembly11 Magician of the Month – 3 Connectives times (2011-2012)
- Abbott’s National Magic Get Together(2012)
o Award Winner
- Regional Columbus Magi fest(2012)
o Award Winner- Senior Stage Division
- Winter Carnival of Magic (2013)
o Award Winner
- Featured articles in the October and November Issues of Magic Magazine (2013)
- Abbott’s National Magic Get Together (2014)
o Award Winner

Past Clients

- The World Famous Magic Castle
- Magic Live! Magic Convention Las Vegas
-Indy Magic Monthly Magic
- Unconventional Magic Convention
-Derby City Magic
-Bob Little’s Super Sunday Magic Convention
-Boy Scouts of America
-Falcon Theatre Newport
-College of Mount St. Joseph
-Thompson House Newport
-Santa Maria after School Program
-Cedar Fair Kings Island
-Wizardz Magic Theater Newport Kentucky
- Boys and Girls Club of Cincinnati