"Trick" is in the name


“Sir Pat-Trick is a delightful, whimsical character who takes his audience on a charming romp with his magic and comedy. His tango rivals that of "Gomez" any day!  The crowd is enchanted and amused by his diverse antics and personality."- Joanie Spina Artistic Director/Choreographer


“I hold no reservations in not just recommending Sir Pat-Trick but also hold no reservations in saying that I expect to see great things and a bright future for this fine young man and performer.”- Maria Ibanez , Past National President the Society of American Magicians

“Sir Pat-Trick's magic has a unique way of both connecting with and capturing the hearts of his audience. Every moment in his act is magic”. –Prince of Cards Sean McClure

“Thank you for your wonderful performance at our convention. Everyone enjoyed your act. It was just the spark we needed for our closing event. I would highly recommend you to others!”-Mike Woodward, Entertainment Director-Unconventional Convention

“I have enjoyed watching Sir Pat-Trick for many years, he has developed a whimsical character that is fun to watch and his act is "fun-sized". His comfort on stage makes everyone else want to have fun, too. I have seen him do his act and it was enchanting and fun. His acting ability brings an entirely extra level to his magic.” - Tom Vorjohan

“Funny while entertaining Sir Pat-Trick creates characters you don’t usually see in magic”.  –Mary E. Mazuk